Mr. Piro

I hope everyone had a great summer.  The 2013-14 school year at Trafalgar will be a lot of fun.  This year I will be teaching Technology 7 and 8, math 8 and science 8. I also teach the Lifelong Exploration, Community Woodwork.  I can be contacted school district email at or by phone at (250) 352-5591.

My new blog is a work in progress, and here is the link.

Math Page  All students can print and check work as they progress through each assignment.  See solution section for answers.  Be sure to show all your steps.


6.1 Writing Equations

6.2 Solving Equations

6.3 Solving Equations by Addition

6.7 & 6.8 Like Terms and Disrtibutive Property

6.8 Solving Equations in More Than One Step

6.9 Using Equations to Solve Problems

6.10 Solving Equations with Rational Solutions

Practice, Puzzles and Quizes

Puzzle 2 What Happened After Chief Short Cake Died

Puzzle 3 Did You Hear About

Puzzle 4 What Do You Call A Slow Skier

Puzzle 5 Books Never Written

Puzzle 6

Puzzle 7

Books Never Written Puzzle

Addition Activity 2 Equation Sort

Math 8 Algebra Work Package p.1            Math 8 Algebra Work Package p.2

Solving Equations

Solving Equations 2

Solving Equations Difficulty Ladder            Solving Equations Difficulty Ladder p. 2

Variables On Both Sides

Algebra Work sht. x’s on both sides

Equations with Brackets Quiz

Algebra Test 2

Solving Equations Quiz 2       Solving Equations Quiz 2 p. 2

Solutions to Algebra handouts

Solutions Monday Feb. 27

Solutions Monday Feb 27 WS 2

Feb 28 1

Feb. 28 2

Feb 28 3

Solving equations key Feb. 28


Equation Solving wrkst 4 key

Key Wrksht 9

Variables on both sides quiz Key

Equations with brackets Quiz key

Study For a Final Test
Science Page